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Bresse: An aristocrat of modern table poultry

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

This chicken is a delicacy that you’ll most likely eat rather simply in order to savor its own flavors, probably with a white wine creamy sauce and mushrooms.

It’s a proud French white poultry with characteristic blue legs and a single comb.

Over a million birds are produced every year. The breeder must have a minimum area of 110 sq. ft. per bird of breeding land.

They are kept free range for 4 months fed on cereal and dairy. A diet purposely low in protein so that birds hunt for local insects. The sad part of this story is that before slaughtering, they are kept in dark cages and overfed for about to weeks. (This will make me think twice when ordering my meal).

Just as with wines, butter and cream, they get a Appellation d’ Origine Controlée (AOC) certificate and for that they have to be bred inside the limits of the former Bresse region in France and pass a thorough inspection.

Here is the Georges Blanc 3 Michelin star restaurant Chef’s grandmothers recipe for the succulent Bresse Chicken with cream...Or if you rather try it in directly Vonnas at his restaurant, browse our itinerary here a make the trip yourself!!

Then bring back your recommendations and we’ll publish them here at our page!!

Georges Blanc's Bresse chicken with cream, a recipe imagined by the grandmother of the three-star chef. He reveals the ingredients of this succulent recipe which will delight the palates of the most greedy, it causes a sensation at the time of the holidays. It is easy to prepare and quite simply sublime.

Ingredients for Bresse Chicken with Georges Blanc cream for 4 people:

1 Bresse chicken weighing around 2 kg, cut into pieces

1 liter of crème fraîche (AOC de Bresse, even better!)

100 g butter

10 button mushrooms, (you can also add some morels!)

2 cloves garlic

1 onion

2 tablespoons of flour

20 cl of dry white wine

salt pepper

Preparation of Bresse Chicken with Georges Blanc Cream

Time: 15 minutes

Cooking: about 30 minutes

Peel and quarter the onion. Remove the earthy end and wash the button mushrooms, then cut them into quarters.

Crush unpeeled garlic cloves with the blade of a knife.

Heat the butter in a skillet on the spot, place the chicken thighs separated from the drumstick, salt and pepper, brown on the skin side, add the onion, mushrooms and garlic.

Singer (powder with flour), then deglaze with the white wine and reduce while scraping to loosen the caramelized juices.

Add the crème fraîche. Simmer for 25 to 30 minutes.

Set aside then decant the pieces, pass the sauce through a Chinese cheesecloth, adjust the seasoning, bring to a boil, mix and set aside.

Arrange the chicken pieces in a dish with the sauce and accompany them with rice pilaf.

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