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My name is Ana Teresa Bazo.


I'm a traveler but I feel more like an explorer. Always looking around to discover something new.

I love planning trips, visiting new places, taking photos and sharing my adventures with my family and friends. That passion  led me to create The Undercover Pilot.

The Undercover Pilot and I follow the Slow Travel movement. We believe in getting to know the place, its people, its food and traditions, and all that takes time. Occasionally we don't have enough time but yet we go because we would never say no to a trip.

I have been married to Pedro for 30 years, and I am a mother of three children who now live abroad. They are an engine to start off a trip and move around the world.

I have traveled with them everywhere, and  throughout their early childhood I got to learn the joys and  limitations of traveling with children. I have taken my dog on trips too!

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I went to college and got a Law degree years ago, so in my twenties I worked  in a Law Firm. A few years later, I decided to quit to join the tourism industry.

Living in New York City and in London expanded my perspectives about life.

My mother language is Spanish, but I speak English and French.

Soloviajes was my first adventure in travel business. It's a travel agency I own in my home country.

I love the beach, the mountains and I am passionate about animals. Exercising outdoors is a daily routine for me.  

I've  always been afraid of planes, although I guess  I have surpassed the barrier of five hundreds flights in my lifetime. The good side is that I became a fearless roadtripper. I can drive anywhere even to the most isolated places in the world.

I look forward to meeting you and share our travel styles!

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