An optional excursion in Canaima is are the Kavac Caves close to Uruyén.  Both places are in the southern part of the Auyentepui with a magnificent view of the tepui from the savannah. They are places that overwhelm you and make you feel like a Master of the World one moment, and the next it reminds you that we are only one dot in the Universe. If you stay overnight at Campamento Uruyén or in Kavac, don't miss going out at night to watch the stars and constellations from the Uruyén savannah; and if you are a fanatic, don't forget your telescope.


It is almost mandatory to go to the Kavac Caves. You walk for half an hour accompanied by a guide who is always an native from the neighboring villages who know all the stones and the flora of the area. At the end of the walk you have to croos some slippery stones without difficulty and then you get to a stream where you can swim and spend some time enjoying the place. There is a lot of silica, which is quartz that has been pulverized for millions of years. There is a waterfall which has a drop of about 100 mts. Totally exciting!  Usually the excursion includes lunch in the village.


In Uruyén there is a similar excursion but it includes a longer walk through the savannah about 45 minutes, and then into the jungle for another 45 minutes. At the end you will find the gorge and its waterfall which is huge too and with all the mystery that surrounds this unique place.


I have been to Southeast Venezuela twice, both in May and there was zero plague, but that privilege has its months in the year. Also the ride in curiara (like a wooden boat)  to Angel Falls, has its ideal times of the year that begin with the arrival of the rains. In times of drought  a lot you’ll have to carry your curiara part of the road.


It is one of those places that you must put on your list. You will not find it in any other corner of the world!

Una excursión opcional en Canaima es ir a las Cuevas de Kavac o ir a Uruyén.  Ambos lugares quedan en la parte sur del Auyentepui con una magnifica vista del tepui desde la sabana. Son lugares que te sobrecogen y que te hacen sentir dueño del mundo un instante, y al siguiente te recuerda que solo somos un punto en el Universo. Si te quedas a dormir en el Campamento de Uruyén o en Kavac no dejes de salir en la noche a ver las estrellas y constelaciones desde la sabana de Uruyén; y si eres fanático, no olvides tu telescopio.

Además de eso, es obligatorio ir a las Cuevas de Kavac. Caminas una media hora acompañado de un guía que siempre es un indígena de las aldeas vecinas que conocen todas las piedras y la flora de la zona; luego llegas a un arroyo desde donde, a ratos vas nadando y otros cruzando sobre piedras resbalosas pero sin dificultad. Hay mucho sílice, que es cuarzo pulverizado por millones de años. Al final llegas a la cascada que tiene una caída de unos 100 mts. Totalmente emocionante!  Generalmente la excursión incluye almuerzo en el pueblo.

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