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When Time Stopped

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

No worries, you'll definitely fly again! Bet on it!

It can take a bit more than planned, but sooner or later you'll be once again admiring the Earth from above. Probably wearing a face mask will be a requirement during the whole flight but the rest will be barely the same. So it is time to start planning that next trip. And what better way to let time pass on the plane than by reading a good book?

Well, let me recommend you a fine read. When Time Stopped. The author is Ariana Neumann. She dedicated a decade to investigate her father origins in the Czech Republic. She not only solved a mystery on her trip to the past, but she met and befriended part of her family that she didn't even know existed until now.

Her father, Hans Neumann was a renowned industrialist in Venezuela, where the author was born and where she lived till her teenage years. He was a philantropist and a sponsor of the Arts. But unknown to Ariana until his death, Mr. Neumann was also a Jew that survived through the Nazi regime years. When he died, he left her a small box filled with letters, a diary, and other memorabilia, and from there she started her quest to discover the hidden truth.

When Time Stopped is a detective story and an family memoir. It is very sentimental. You'll end up feeling part of the family.

Enjoy the reading!!

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