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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well… if one has not eaten well.

Virginia Woolf



Courchevel is definitely not just about skiing. The options for fine dining are unlimited!!

We hope that the resort reopens fully for next season. These places where all operating until March this year. Hopefully they still will. We’ll let you know as soon as we get there this next Christmas.

Here is our selection for the 2019-2020 season:

Would you like to read the menus? Write to us!! We have almost all of menus for these restaurants.

Our list is divided in MOUNTAIN RESTAURANTS where you can stop for lunch and then go back skiing, and TOWN RESTAURANTS where you may go even if you are not skiing.

The restaurants in town are open for lunch as well as for dinner, whereas the mountain restaurants are only open for lunch. Only a few stay open for dinner, like Les Verdons on Wednesdays when slopes are open.


La Soucoupe

It’s located at an altitude of 2250 mts over the top of the Loze slope. This restaurant has long been my favorite on the mountain. It’s said that Marta sold it, but I’m sure it will still give the same good service as always and it will keep its center wooden grill that gives its meats a super tasty smoky flavor. Promise you’ll end up very satisfied. The views are also amazing.

For us, the honeyed duck, the canard à la miel, and for the sweet toothed the pain perdú are just unmissable.


La Casserole

French mountain by the Les Grandes Bosses slope. A restaurant to relax and enjoy traditional Savoyard cuisine. Order the Beaufort (cheese) polenta…yummy! I feel it’s a bit expensive though they have a nice Menu of the day.

Les Verdons

At the arrival of the Telecabine des Verdons is this restaurant that’s open Wednesday evenings for dinner or a drink. They always have live music and good atmosphere.


Is at the top of the mountain. It boasts a festive atmosphere all day long. People drinking champagne and dancing around the tables while enjoying one of the best views of the valley of Courchevel.

La Folie Douce

Right in the middle of the slope that takes you to Meribel. If you feel a need to party this is the place to go. Huge crowds, show dancing, drinks all over, and surpringly you can also eat good!! Reservation is a must but you can always show up and check if you can sit. The fun happens outside so be sure to have warm clothing even in the sunniest of days! Be aware of closing times for the Telecabine Saulire Express to climb up back to Courchevel.

La Brasserie du Télébar

In the valley of Meribel at the Adray Hotel that can be reached skiing down the Doron slope). The gratinée of reblochon with crozets and bacon is sublime, as are many dishes of the traditional savoyard menu. It’s the best place to stop for lunch if you are skiing around the Méribel-Mottaret area.

Le Montagnard

Is in Saint Martin de Belleville. If you ski all the way to Val Thorens, the valley that is the furthest away, make a reservation for lunch at this restaurant. You can reach St. Martin by skiing down from Val Thorens on the Biolley slope. Upon arrival just walk around 15 feet from the slope towards the center of the village. Try the Crispy Apricot and Goat Cheese, Mesclun Salad, Honey and Roasted Nuts it’s fresh and reviving.


TOWN RESTAURANTS… for skiers and non -skiers as well

Polar Café

You won’t miss it. It is inside the Office de Tourisme de Courchevel 1850. An unpretentious place with good atmosphere, open for coffee and pastries for breakfast and then all day long for light meals like sandwiches, quiches and or salads.


Le Pilatus

It can be reached by car on the Route de l’Altiport or skiing on the Pralong slope. Always make a reservation!! Save space for the luscious desserts … the trio of crème brulée

La Saulire

Is on the Place du Rocher, in the middle of town. By the art galleries, on a second floor. French gourmet cuisine well prepared and very well served. Their specialty are fresh truffles. Try the risotto with truffles in a truffle flavored chicken broth. Glorious! Check the wine list!

L ’Arbé

In a corner by rue de Verdons, L‘Arbé is one of those restaurants with the most complete menu and at the most reasonable prices. I go there for the raclette and for the cheese fondue. It is the only place that I usually go twice in the same trip.

Le Caveau

Is also a traditional Savoyard place but it’s located in Courchevel 1550. I go there to order the “pierre chaude” kind of a Stone braised beef but you can find all the Savoyard specialties.

La Cortona

It’s a cozy Italian that is always full. Pizzas and pastas at its best!! Please don’t forget to book!! Rue de Grangettes in Courchevel Village (1550)


Chez Gaston

It’s located in the lower floor of the Forum. Its ski in ski out. American fare in Courchevel. Fast service. Good atmosphere. Younger crowds.


Au burger d’ a coté

I have to take you down to get to know Le Praz and with this cozy place I believe I won’t miss. Hopefully you can ski all the way down to Courchevel 1300,  take off your skis to indulge in these delicious hamburgers that you can enjoy with a glass of wine on the side…very French!!

Bouc Blanc

For me it’s the cheapest restaurant on the mountain, at the top of the La Tania gondola, offers friendly service on a big terrace and in a dining room with a rustic feel. Expect tasty, reliable food, including excellent lamb shank, and affordable house wine.





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 Uno no puede pensar bien, amar bien, dormir bien…si no ha comido bien.


Virginia Woolf



Hay opciones ilimitadas, pero aquí está nuestra selección para la temporada 2018-2019.


Tenemos los menús de casi todos estos restaurantes.



Lugares donde se llega esquiando:


La Soucoupe / Marta siempre le ha dado un toque especial a este lugar a 2250mts en la parte alta de la pista La Loze. Se come increíble. Para nosotros el pato (el canard à la miel) y el pain perdú (imperdible)


La Casserole / Francés de montaña sobre la pista Les Grandes Bosses. Un restaurant para relajarse y disfrutar.


La Folie Douce / en la pista que cae hacia Meribel. Es para ir con ánimo de fiesta y estar pendiente de correr antes que te cierren la Telecabine Saulire Express para regresar a Courchevel. No solo es la fiesta, se come bien!!!  Vale la pena ir abrigado y sentarse afuera.


La Brasserie du Télébar En Meribel en el hotel Adray  (se le llega por la pista Doron). Los mejores “crozettes” y tradicional menú savoyard.


Le Montagnard en Saint Martin de Belleville (para cuando hagan los tres valles. St. Martin es abajo de Val Thorens esquiando por la pista Biolley. Caminando con 50m. desde la pista hacia el centro del pueblo). La carne que cocinan a la piedra es su especialidad entre otras cosas. 





 Lugares donde también se puede llegar caminando:



Polar Café / Imposible no verlo. Está dentro de la Office de Tourisme de Courchevel 1850. Es informal; como para un sanduche o ensaladao un capuccino y una tartaleta.


Le Pilatus Se puede llegar en carro por la Route de l’Altiport  o esquiando por la pista Pralong. (la mejor crème brulée)


La Saulire queda en la Place du Rocher. Un poco más arriba de las galerías de arte, en un segundo piso. Se come francés muy bien y muy bien atendido. Especial atención a los platos con trufas.


L’ Arbé En la rue de Verdons es uno de los que tiene carta más completa y precios más razonables.


Le Chabotté / este bistro francés es parte del Hotel Le Chabichou. Es tipo brasserie aunque ahora hablan de "bistronomie". Le puedes llegar por la pista del Stade.

Aparte del menú fijo de almuerzo, creo que es el mejor lugar para comerse una raclette en Courchevel 1850


La Cortona / Italiano  Rue de Grangettes en Courchevel Village (1550). Este es uno de lo que si no reservas no te sientas…


 Chez Gaston es en la parte de abajo del Forum y se come variado, muy bien, y te atienden rápido si quieres seguir esquiando.


Jack’s Burger / informal.  Hamburguesas ricas y puedes acompañarlas con una copa de vino… Quedaba en el Forum en el nivel del mercado pero ahora ahi hay un lugarcito de comida asiática y las hamburguesas se mudaron para afuera en una esquina diagonal a la entrada del Forum.

L'Aventure a la entrada del Forum. Un lugar acogedor con una buena comida de montaña.

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