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CANAIMA: Lugar mágico, milenario, magnetico 

Canaima Venezuela

DRAMATIC MAGICAL MAGNETIC ENERGIZING...Numerous adjectives can fit into the perception people have of Canaima, but one word is common to all: UNFORGETTABLE



Going to Canaima is not at all easy. This region is isolated from the rest of the Estado Bolivar region by a dense rain forest that prevents its access by land.

The easiest way is to fly to Puerto Ordaz and from there take a small plane that lands in Canaima's air strip. There the people of your lodge, or "posada” will be waiting for you. Your adventure is ready to begin.



I stayed at Wakü Lodge. This luxury lodge is located in front of El Sapo Falls in the Canaima Lagoon. The view from the lodge is stunning, and the noise that the fall makes when hitting the water of the lagoon is mesmerizing. You will be amazed to hear that roar twenty-four hours a day! It even has a lulling effect.

All rooms have air conditioning and also a ceiling fan in case of a power outage, which is not uncommon.

They have trail bikes, kayaks and paddleboards.

All meals included.


The Angel Falls


This 3,000 ft. high jump owes its name to the American aviator, Jimmy Angel, who saw it on one of his flights in the 1930s and even landed on top the Tepui. The original name is  Kerepakuai-meru which in pemón (the local natives language) means: jump from the deepest place.

To visit the Falls you have three options:

1- a sightseeing  flight in a light aircraft,

2- a trek through the jungle part of which you sail in a curiara or wooden boat by the river with overnight stay at the base station of the fall,  (if you go in the dry season there are parts where you'll have to carry the curiara for lack of water. It's ok, just don't be caught by surprise, or,

3- a helicopter ride.


We chose the helicopter.

A truly incredible experience, terrifying, but fascinating at the same time. We landed on the top of various tepuis. We bathed in the tannin-laden water lagoons at the top, had a champagne picnic. Walked all over. Jump  from tepui to tepui in the helicopter. We got so close to the water walls that we even got wet.  Unlike any other extreme experience I've ever had!


Canaima Lagoon

The afternoon of our arrival we boarded a curiara for a boat ride around joined by a local guide. we had the chance to pass near Wadaima, Golondrina, Hacha and Ucaima Falls.

Salto El Sapo

We crossed the Lagoon, until Anatolli Island. We stepped out of the boat and from there we hiked along the jungle forest up to the El Sapo Falls. We even walked along a pathway formed at rock wall on to the other side and with the curtain of water falling in front of us.  We  stayed there  almost till dusk. The light was wonderful!

Salto El Hacha

After a short boat ride on the Canaima  lagoon, we arrived at El Hacha Fall. We walked to the fall traversing river stones that are very flat and can be slippery up to where the water falls to the lagoon.

Yuri and Yuri Lu

The views from the boat are magnificent! We began the trip in rustic vehicles over the savannas for about 20 min, arriving at Puerto Verde. From there we took a curiara to the Carrao River. Once in Puerto Yuri we started a short hike for about 15 minutes until we reached the falls and then Yuri beach. On rainy seasons you can actually get to Yuri Lu Falls.

Uruyen and Kavac

I wrote a separate post for it. Check it out by clicking here.


Canaima Venezuela
Canaima Venezuela
Canaima Venezuela
Canaima Venezuela
Canaima Venezuela
Canaima Venezuela
Canaima Venezuela
Canaima Venezuela
Canaima Venezuela
Roraima Venezuela

Ir a Canaima no es del todo fácil. Esta región esta aislada del resto del Estado Bolivar por un densa selva tropical que impide su acceso via terrestre.
La forma más sencilla es volar a Puerto Ordaz y de ahí tomar una avioneta que aterriza en Canaima. Allí te estará esperando la gente de tu posada y comienza tu aventura. 

Me quedé en Waku Lodge Esta posada de lujo queda frente al Salto El Sapo en la Laguna de Canaima. La vista es algo increíble, el ruido que hace el salto también. Te impactará escuchar ese estruendo veinticuatro horas sin parar!! Al final terminará arrullándote.

El Salto Angel

Este salto de 907 metros de altura debe su nombre al aviador norteamericano, Jimmy Angel quien lo vio en uno de sus vuelos en la década de los 30, incluso aterrizó sobre el tepui. Su nombre verdadero es Kerepakuai-merú que en pemón significa: salto del lugar más profundo. Para visitarlo tienes tres opciones: un sobrevuelo en avioneta, una excursión con pernocta en la estación base y que se hace en curiara, o un paseo en helicóptero. A mi me invitaron a conocerlo en helicóptero. Una experiencia increíble, aterradora, pero fascinante a la misma vez. Aterrizamos en el tope de los tepuyes. 

Nos bañamos en las lagunas de agua cargada de taninos, que se multiplican en esos tepuyes desolados, y escasos de fauna y flora. En helicóptero haces vuelos rasantes por las paredes de los tepuyes y pasas tan cerca, que llegas a mojarte por las cortinas de agua que corren desde arriba.

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