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Do you have a list of your best places to eat around the world or in your hometown? 


What are you looking for in a restaurant?

By asking myself that same question, I discovered that like everything else the best places are those that have something besides just its food. It can be a story, a tradition, or their very own cooking philosophy.


So, with the restaurant Boragó in Santiago, Chile, I set out to make my own list.


The Undercover Pilot List of Best Restaurants in the World.


With this in mind I start making my selection and I found the inevitable: Marketing and branding helps many  stand out. It will never be easy to find that little anonymous one that comes out from someone's dream, but I will still try.


Today I bring you Boragó. One restaurant among many in Santiago, but this one catched my attention in a special way. First, location. It's in Nueva Vitacura neighbourhood, in the main street, that stands out for its places to eat and drink.


Its chef, Rodolfo Guzmán, is young, about 40, and attractive. He trained in the kitchen of Andoni Luis Aduriz at the Mugaritz restaurant. He's had an important career, but his last years have been dedicated to Boragó.


I use their description of their food to give you an idea of what you will find:


"In our eagerness to reflect what the soil gives us, we have brought you the best product from a rather unusual corner of the planet, the one we consider invaluable”.


Our tasting menus collect and combine the best endemic product of the Chilean territory, in permanent evolution throughout the year.


Much of the food is cut from uncultivated soil and through communities of collectors and small producers throughout Chile, which is why the dishes can vary even during each service.


Tasting menus will only be served for a full table.



Water served in Boragó comes from the rain of Patagonia, which is treated with a high degree of purity.



Milk that is used in our preparations, and especially in the ice creams, is milked by us and comes from natural breeding in our field.



We do not have a wine list of renowned labels in our cellars.  In exchange we seek to add the effort and passion of small family wine projects.  So we have a pull of wines.  These wines are capable of representing perfectly the very specific climate conditions of the Chilean territory, occasionally with amazing results, so we try to have those at the house.



Only 30 minutes away from Boragó, we grow the vegetables in our own way, always in the most natural way possible, and always looking for new products.



One day we can cut a wild fruit that only grows 3 weeks a year at 3500 mts high and the next day, we can be cutting mushrooms that only occur in a native forest.



We work without intermediaries, but directly with fishermen.


Collecting communities and small producers:

There are more than 200 throughout the country.  They have the same role as the rest of the team.  Unfortunately they are not visible every day in our dining room, but without them we could not give even 10% of the food we offer".


And how much does it cost to eat in Boragó?


Rodolfo says: "We have two tasting menus: one is $60 per person and the other is $110. We have 40 people working in the kitchen and we give a maximum of 52 place settings. To deliver what we give you, which goes beyond a personal proposal requires a great effort.

(Soho Magazine interview).

Reservations:   +56978885187

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