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Annecy France


Annecy France
Annecy France

Find the ‘Palais de l'Île’, a small palace-prison of the twelfth century. Here you will also find numerous quaint bars, restaurants and shops hidden in pretty alleys and arcaded streets.

Annecy-le-Vieux is well known for its lake. You can rent a boat, water ski or just relax at one of its beaches. The lake is said to be one of the cleanest in France.  You can also venture for extreme sports and go paragliding.  I had been there before and it all went around the lake for us. We even chose to stay at a surrounding mountain Inn to appreciate the famous lake and its landscapes, but could you believe we didn't go to the town not even once!!

But...we went back some months ago.  We decided to  stop for the day on the way to the Savoie mountains.

What a surprise!

Annecy has a small village full of people wondering around the cobblestone streets with plenty of medieval buildings on each bank of the narrow Thiou river that flows noisily throughout  town.  Right in the middle  is the ‘Palais de l'Île, a small palace-prison of the twelfth century.   Due to the narrowness of its alleys, cars are forbidden around most of the old town. Here you will also find numerous quaint bars, restaurants and shops hidden in pretty alleys and arcaded streets.

There are many restaurants to choose from in Annecy, but we were not that hungry so we ended up having dinner at Le Salon Français. It's a gourmet appetizers and wine bar . You can order your wine by the glass which I loved, because you can taste different ones. It is very cozy place. And by the way, it has  a good selection of desserts as well.

The Palace is illuminated in the evenings for greater splendor and we also enjoyed a Music and Light Show at the Hôtel de Ville building walls.

The pictures say something...





Parada perfecta!!! Annecy-le-Vieux es conocida por su lago. Mucha gente al igual que yo, la conoce hasta ahi. De hecho ya había estado hace unos quince años y para apreciar el famoso lago y sus paisajes, me alojé en una posada de montaña, pero... no bajé a la ciudad. 

Bueno, ayer fui. Un lugar inesperado para un almuerzo tardío en ruta hacia las montañas. Que sorpresa!! Una pequeña ciudad llena de gente en las calles con una cantidad de edificios medievales y calles empedradas entre las cuales pasa el rio Thiou y en el medio el Palacio de la Isla, un pequeño palacio del siglo XII,  que en la noche iluminan para mayor esplendor.

Hay muchos restaurantes entre los que escoger. Para terminar nuestra tarde de sorpresas, la Alcaldía tenía preparado un show de luces navideño sobre el edificio del Hotel de Ville. 

Las fotos les dirán algo...

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