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1. Travel as much as you can, travel without stopping. Travel alone, with your partner, with your friends, travel as a family, or in love (nothing better). Traveling heals the soul.

2. The journey is within you. It's only yours and yours to enjoy. What you see as wonderful, someone else can think it dull. Attitude is what counts.

3. Celebrate our planet´s biodiversity. Marvel at the beauty of Nature. Feel the spiritual connection.

4. Save money to travel first class, have lunch at a three Michelin star restaurant, but also, why not? stop your car and spend the night looking at the stars in the middle of nowhere.


5. Nothing is more satisfying than designing your own trip. Loose your fears and dare. You are going to be wrong sometimes but those are moments that will bring you the best memories later.

6. It is normal to feel tired. Relax, and give each place the time it deserves. From the rush, only fatigue remains. Don’t try to do everything because you’ll end up doing little.


7. Meet at least one new person. The locals will always know better. Learn from them.

8. It is not just to look, but how you look at it. Stop at the details. Look at sunsets, cafés, exhibitions, people, and nature.

9. We are all different and we like different things. Don't compare yourself to anyone. Do what you like, not what you think others will like.


10. Be free, dream, explore, discover.

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